AT 前置詞 & Idiom

前置詞『AT』&そのIdiom 基本的には、『場所』と『時』の一点を指します。
前置詞 AT。。。下記のようなイメージです。。。
〇場所 at the front gate of the school
〇時 start at 10 o’clock,,,(fromではない)
〇方向 We aimed the gun at the target
〇所属 I am a student at Waseda
〇従事 He is at work in the marketing. 
at school (在学中) ,,,at table (食事中)

〇状態 I feel at ease if you come back home.(安心する)
〇価格 I bought this bag at a reasonable price.
〇速度 driving at 50 km per hour
〇関係 I am good at math,,,,(が得意、、、)
〇極限状態 Sakura is at best in April,,,,, at least(少なくとも)、at worst(悪くとも)

wait at the bus stop at 3PM
live at 3-2-1 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku,,,
open your book at page 25
call me at 090-1402-7063
visit my web site at

enjoy shopping at
I was at the company for along time
she was at home yesterday
at noon
at first,,, at all times at the first attempt,,,

look up at the sky
he shouted at me
knock at the door
laughed at me
at any risk ,,,at any cost ,,, at any rice

※その他に動詞と組み合わせたidiom も多々あります。

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